Advancing IT Strategies &
Innovation in 2023

Join Us, November 10th!

2023 Strategy Training Followed by Fun, Networking, and Golf

With an uncertain economy and less IT staff due to “The Great Resign,” it’s tough enough to maintain existing infrastructure and manage day-to-day end user activities. Yet, we are tasked with fighting an ever-increasing cybersecurity threat, all while moving to the cloud, modernizing, automating, and implementing the latest innovative technology. Oh, and don’t forget, budgets are likely to shrink in 2023. Advancing IT Strategies & Innovation In 2023 training will give you insights into how some of the thinnest IT shops are completing their projects while maintaining their environment, staying within budget, and actually improving their security awareness and protection levels. Register today to reserver your seat. 

Location: Top Golf - Spring
Date: November, 10th 2022
Time: 2:30 - 5:30

For questions contact Martin Deutsch.

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