Contact Center…

With cloud AI Contact Center, support teams gain a single platform to engage and resolve customer inquiries from anywhere in the world.

Connect your existing ticketing and CRM systems to offer omnichannel support, surface on demand metrics with dashboards and reporting, and coach agents in real-time with AI powered recommendations.

Call Monitoring & Coaching

Monitor and listen in to calls in real-time or automatically surface recommendation cards that deliver answers directly to agents.

Dashboards & Reporting

Dig into insights that matter, from Service Level metrics to Agent: Caller ratios plus inbound call volumes.

Native Integrations

Integrate your phone support with ticketing systems, CRMs, or collaboration hubs for a streamlined workflow that keeps agents in a single place.

Call Monitoring & Coaching

➔ Automatically match caller inquiries to the right agent with call routing based on agent availability or skill level
➔ Monitor and listen in on live calls or serve up agent recommendation cards based on keyword triggers said by agent, customer, or both

Dashboards & Reporting

➔ Keep managers aware of agent activity and performance with real-time dashboards, call volume and hold queue metrics, and customizable wallboards
➔ Receive alerts for when metrics or customer sentiment changes including Service Level or Wait Times

Native Integrations

➔ Connect phone support with your ticketing system or CRM to deliver a superior customer experience across the channels your customers use

“With AI Contact Center, customer satisfaction has increased because when a customer calls in we actually can guarantee a quality connection no matter where they are.”



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