IT For a Secure World

According to IBM’s “Cost of a Data Breach Report: 2021,” Ransomware attacks cost an average of $4.62M. How would a Cyber Attack impact Your Organization and Customers?  “Malicious attacks that destroyed data in destructive wiper-style attacks cost and average of $4.69 million.”

In the same publication, 43% of organizations polled in their survey had no plans to deploy a zero trust implementation where as only 20% had fully deployed a zero trust implementation. These numbers are concerning when you consider the risk, not only the companies are exposed to, but the us as consumers are exposed to as a result of our data being trusted in the hands of large organizations. There should be standards companies need to to meet in order to be able to collect and retain certain customer data. I for one make sure Cyber Security is a top priority. Do have a zero trust implementation in place? If not, do you have plans to deploy one in the next 12 months?

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